Monad.ai is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) research and development venture focused on the primary goal of AI research known as Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Research aims to establish a systems-level understanding and theory for the structures, dynamics, and mechanisms which give rise to human general intelligence. The development goal is to create a functional equivalent in the computational domain. Founded in late 2013, Monad.ai has conducted approximately 3 years of fundamental research centered on information theory, physics, biological systems, neuroscience, and cognitive science. With primary research completed and workable frameworks defined, focus shifted to development in mid-2016.

In the first major iteration, development seeks to establish a foundational AGI capable of generalized perception, cognition, learning, and goal oriented interaction in 3-D and data centric environments. This achievement will serve to proof the merits of the theories and frameworks established during research. From this foundation, gradual enhancements will be made towards a more fully-defined system. This generalized framework can be applied to solve a broad range of problems directly or it can be applied to enhance the capabilities of current AI solutions.

Monad.ai is led by a passionate visionary with an industry proven track record in prototyping and development of large scale distributed systems. From this strength, Monad.ai aims to translate the general intelligence capability of biological life to computational systems.


Jovan Williams

Founder | Research Engineer

B.S.,M.S. – Electrical and Computer Engineering (Carnegie Mellon University)

Prior to founding Monad.ai, Jovan was a software engineer at Cisco Systems centered on their flagship network infrastructure platform (Catalyst 6500). There he conducted core software development for the Redundancy framework (RF), Virtual Switching System (VSS), Supervisor (2T Architecture), and Quad-Supervisor redundancy (VS4O). He also authored frameworks which enabled the Instant Access Solution Architecture and conducted R&D for a highly scaled Software Defined Networking (SDN) prototype.

Before Cisco, Jovan was a systems engineer at Lockheed Martin – MST centered on a large-scale distributed command and control information system which unified training across live, constructive, deployed, and virtual domains (NTC-OIS). There he oversaw systems-integration and test, onsite deployment, and championed the implementation of a virtualized configuration and test environment.

Designing and developing innovative solutions across a broad array of domains is Jovan’s passion and expertise. He is always on the hunt for challenges. Thus, after being exposed to the brain as an architecture, he decided that his next challenge would be the development of AGI.